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Why Exhibit In Indonesia

Indonesia is a must-do market for agriculture business now!

  • As tropical country, Indonesia has abundant sunshine and rain, which are the basic needs of any agricultural business.
  • The agriculture is the pillar industry in Indonesia, it has evidenced by the agricultural GDP accounted to near 20% of the aggregate GDP expected to reach beyond US$ 1 trillion in 2014, ranking it as the largest economy in Southeast Asia by far.
  • From the perspective of product category the most utilized products were herbicides (42.5%) with glyphosate and parquet reaching almost 120 thousand tons. Insecticide was the second largest product category by consumption (37.5%) and the most used active ingredient was carbofuran (40,000 tons). Fungicide accounted for about 18% of the market and the most popular active ingredients were mancozeb and propineb.
  • During the first half of 2014, Indonesia imported 35,935 tons (167.8 million USD) of pesticide from China and exported 1,788 tons (22.57 million USD) of pesticide to China.
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